Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma
P.O. BOX 10641
Midwest City, Oklahoma 73140
Phone: 918-609-3095

Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma serves the public through activism based on the concepts of freedom and liberty.


The Drug Policy Reform Network of Oklahoma (DPRNOK) was founded by a group of concerned citizens seeking to open up discussion for alternatives to current drug policy.

We seek to educate, inform, and engage in dialogue regarding drug policy, the failed war on drugs, and infringements on basic rights.
-Support drug policies based on public health and education, instead of criminal justice.
-End racially discriminatory drug policies and enforcement measures.
-Support science based drug education and end support for ineffective programs.
-Differentiate between “use” and “abuse”.
-Make methadone maintenance and other treatment readily available.
-Remove obstacles for proper use of medications for pain and terminal illness.
-Support medical marijuana.
-End criminal penalties for marijuana, except for distribution to children.
-Allow U.S. farmers to cultivate hemp.
-Repeal mandatory minimums. End incarceration for simple possession.
-End discrimination against people with past drug problems or offenses.
-Support harm reduction programs, such as syringe exchange, to reduce HIV/AIDS, hepatitis and other diseases.
-End asset forfeiture abuses.

Board of Directors 2019

Frank Grove – President
David Van Risseghem – Vice President
Clinton Wiles – Treasurer
Lisa Bowman – Secretary
Joanna Francisco
Shawn Jenkins
Trina Burfield
Jessica Mitchell
Danny Buntin