For Immediate Release: Senate gives final approval to bill aimed at Oklahoma’s opioid crisis

This is a terrible bill for those who need medication. Many will only seek out black market alternatives which is unnecessary considering they could have access to legal prescriptions. Many more will suffer and still get “addicted”.

The passage of SQ788 can offer a better alternative for those who need a safer treatment.

—– Forwarded message from Malia Bennett <> —–

The full Senate gave final approval Wednesday to a measure addressing the over-prescription of opioids in Oklahoma–the prescription drug is now the leading cause of fatal overdoses in the state. Sen. Anthony Sykes, R-Moore, is the principal author of Senate Bill 1446.

While the opioid crisis represents a national epidemic, in its 2018 report, The Oklahoma Commission on Opioid Abuse noted Oklahoma has consistently ranked near the top of states for opioid abuse. According to the report, in 2016, there were 899 drug overdose deaths in Oklahoma–a shocking 68 percent increase from 2007.

“The changes outlined in SB 1446 will save lives and prevent addiction,” Sykes said. “This legislation was approved overwhelmingly in both chambers. I am optimistic that Governor Fallin will join us in its approval by signing SB 1446 into law.”

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