Veterans for Cannabis at the Capitol

On Monday, April 9th at 9:30 am, Veterans will unite at the State Capitol to show support for Medical Cannabis.

HB3468 is scheduled to be heard on Monday and SB1120 is scheduled for Wednesday in their respective committees.

SB1120 is a very restrictive “medical marijuana” bill, allowing for only four severe qualifying conditions and completely neglects conditions that directly affect many of our veterans such as PTSD and opioid addiction. The opioid crisis in America is having a disproportionate impact on our veterans. A Veterans Affairs study found that veterans were twice as likely to die from an opioid overdose compared to the rest of the population. Studies have shown that medical cannabis can help treat PTSD symptoms in even treatment-resistant cases and reduce the use of opioids.

HB3468 helps create the regulatory framework for SQ788 including the establishment of The Oklahoma Cannabis Commission. Passage of this bill will help expedite implementation of SQ788 after a favorable vote by the people on June 26th.

Cody Barlow, US Navy Veteran explains, “SB-1120 is being pushed by lawmakers, that if passed, will not allow veterans access to medical cannabis even if it is legalized. We are going to advocate for our right to a safe alternative medicine.”

Our goal is to reach every state legislator with the message: “We deserve legal access to this safe and effective medicine!” While stressing the importance of supporting Medical Cannabis, we will also share some of the unique challenges facing veterans who could benefit from Cannabis.

We will meet inside around 9:30, just past guard station, south-side of the building. Get a T-Shirt and we’ll organize into groups and meet with legislators. Please note: Parking may be an issue. Consider arriving early and/or carpool.

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