Bills Review

SB1120 – Penned by Yen eventually passed the Senate floor. This bill allows for only four extreme qualifying conditions, creates a monopoly on the industry, and will neglect thousands of Oklahomans and prevent the Oklahoma economy from benefiting from the Medical Cannabis Market.

 YEAS: 26/ NAYS: 11/ EXC : 11

See all votes here.

This bill needs to be killed as soon as possible. It’s in the House now and we are watching it closely and will post updates and contact information as we have them.

HB3468 – Creation of a Cannabis Commission to regulate medical marijuana in the state was approved by the Oklahoma House of Representatives on Thursday night with no votes to more

Oklahomans for Cannabis had this to say about the bill:

The OK Cannabis Commission established in HB3468 … is modeled after those found in Colorado, Nevada, and other states. Its board is comprised of 12 members including a law enforcement officer, an OBN position, a medical doctor, and some other positions. Something that Yes on 788 supported that got put in this bill was that 5 of these positions needed to be individuals who represented the medical marijuana community and industry, and each must hold a medical marijuana license to do so.

Having an appointed commission by the governor is not ideal, however if it passes this session it means SQ788 can be implemented much sooner and does not directly override any of the provisions of SQ788. So the core of 788 Will stay the same regardless of the commission.

What do you think about HB3468? Do you have concerns about this bill?


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