Month: March 2014

Fundraiser for Girl to Move to Colorado for Cannabis Treatment

This is the story of Jaqie Angel:

“Every year hundreds of children are diagnosed with severe forms of epilepsy. My 18 month old daughter, Jaqie Angel, suffers from a deadly form of epilepsy due to a rare genetic disorder. She has had uncontrollable seizures since she was 5 months old and has 75-150 seizures daily. She’s been on painful daily injections, ketogenic diet and every medicine known to man..except CBD! She’s on 4 different medicines right now(2 narcotics) but nothing works!

Because of the laws here my baby is denied CBD, the only thing that could possibly save her life and improve the quality of it. She deserves that chance, just like the other children here in Oklahoma suffering from multiple daily seizures. Seizures kill, any seizure could take a child’s life.. Kids die ever day because of this! If you’re diagnosed with severe epilepsy here in Oklahoma they’re basically handing you a death sentence along with it because they refuse to treat our sick babies.

It’s difficult enough as a parent to find out your child has a life threatening illness then you have to come to grips with the devastating reality that your child may very well die if you don’t move to Colorado or somewhere they actually care about our kids. Please sign this petition if you have a heart and you want to save the lives of these kids who have no choice but to suffer because Oklahoma says NO to CBD to SAVE LIVES!! Our children don’t have time to wait, they need this medicine now! My daughter needs this medicine now! We have to have a united voice for our children and all children in need of this medicine and DEMAND to be heard!! Don’t let our children suffer!

Sincerely, Brittany Hardy”

There is a fundraiser for Jaqie Saturday at Chandler Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma beginning at 12:30. There is also a donate site.

This just one of other families trying to move to Colorado because their rights are being denied. This must end.




True Victims of the War on Drugs

This story is getting a lot of attention as it should. This is a peaceful couple. A man treating his glaucoma with plants that he grew in his basement. He wasn’t selling it, they weren’t bothering anyone yet his property was stolen right before his eyes while all he could do was sit quietly and watch it happen.

His pharmacist says it all:

The couple’s pharmacist in the nearby town of Drexel, Mo., thinks the whole thing is ridiculous.

“They are good people and he found a treatment that works for him,” said Mark Finke at Drexel Pharmacy. “I fully support them. He has tried things I have here, but nothing works for glaucoma like marijuana and you would be hard-pressed to find a doctor to say otherwise.

“He wasn’t hurting anyone. I have drugs in here like OxyContin that are legal and they kill someone every day.”




Lisa Bowman Op/ed in Tulsa World

“Oklahoma Republican legislators, such as Sen. Dan Newberry of Tulsa, are rallying Republicans to support anti-cannabis legalization. They use divisive rhetoric such as calling supporters of cannabis legalization “liberals.” As a Republican myself, I am curious: When did using legislation to allow government to trump the rights of individuals become conservative? When did refusing to hear bills because of personal beliefs become conservative? When did eroding liberties by advocating for the nanny state to micromanage our lives become conservative?”


Tulsa Family Seeks Medical Marijuana for Child to Relieve Seizures

TULSA, Okla. – FOX23 has been following the story of a Tulsa family trying get medicine for their toddler. The family said they have decided to move to Colorado to get the medicine they said she needs.